Álvaro Díaz is a 23 year old rapper from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Díaz, influenced by early 90’s and 00’s East Coast Hip Hop as well as Salsa, and Afro-Cuban movement set out to rap about his dreams, personal situations, aspirations and everything that surrounds day to day life in Puerto Rico. Alvaro’s ability for word-play, delivery and distinctive punch lines have made him one of the most hyped up artists in the local puertorrican hip hop scene. This local buzz has also brought international recognition in different countries like Spain, Mexico, Chile and the continental U.S.A.. With a few releases in his resume Álvaro now sets out to promote his up and coming album “Hato Rey”.

We filmed this project during the LAMC festival in July 2015 realizing we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to invite so many great hispanic artists coming through NY in the same week. Each band brought a completely different vibe to our space and we were touched when some of them made special song arrangements just for The House of Creatives. Mishu and The HoC have strong latin roots and we needed to showcase the talent currently surging from the community, it was really special having them perform and hang out with us.

If the clip is any indication, the Isle of Light audience is in for a hype set that will further spread the gospel of unadulterated hip-hop to the masses.