Singer/songwriter Mario Giancarlo, singer/songwriter and producer Jorge Velásquez, and drummer Alex De Renzis combine their talents as the band, Hunters of the Alps.

Hunters of the Alps began as an electro-tinged collaboration where Mario and Jorge could focus on different aspects of their musicality they had previously sidelined. They describe their music as moody, electro body moving dark rock pop. Alex has joined in as a drummer to play an integral role in the band both in the studio and live performances.

The band is inclined to stretches of mood building synths anchored by mid and up tempo beats. Gifted with combining their depth of knowledge to produce catchy melodies, danceable grooves, and heartfelt lyrics, Hunters of the Alps continues to prove that Miami-based talent has its place in the global music market.

Always eager to perform, HOTA has opened up for various renowned acts such as Tanlines, Twin Shadow, and throughout their musical career with world known indie rock groups (The Killers, The Walkmen, Franz Ferdinand, Peter Hook, The Stills and more).