Nearly a decade ago, three of the four young members of Ithaca, New York, quartet X Ambassadors left home with great ambition, vowing not to look back. Like so many small-town kids before them, they yearned to find fame and fortune in the city. They wanted, as they confess in one of their most powerful new songs, to “go big.” And after years of hustling and overcoming personal challenges, rock stardom felt imminent. But something was missing. Some bands never get that missing piece back, but the potentially great ones go looking for it. More often than not, the search leads them right back home.

X Ambassadors play “Unconsolable” off the album ‘Litost’ at The House Of Creatives Austin 2013.

It’ll have you texting your siblings to make sure they’re OK, right after the track’s tension lets go — like most thrill rides, it ends in

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Featured photo by Anna Lee.